Forel Ule Scale Toolkit

Perform reliable water quality observations by using our Modern Forel-Ule Scale Toolkit.

Our Modern Forel-Ule Scale Toolkit facilitates a simple determination and classification of the colour of natural waters. You simply compare the colour of the water under investigation with the colour palette of the Modern Forel-Ule Scale. Are you limnologist, oceanographer, marine biologist or simply someone interested in our environment to detect any water quality changes in rivers, lakes, coastal water or open water please click below for more information.

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A trusted method for measuring water quality through colour comparison.

The Forel-Ule Scaleis a simple tool to approximate the color of bodies of water and is used in limnology and oceanography. Through the use of this Toolkit, it includes the Modern Forel-Ule Scale with a colour palette of 21 different colour bars ranging from indigo-blue (index 1) via green (index 10) to cola-brown (index 21) and a Secchi Disk (30 cm in diameter)with an attachment mount to connect weight and rope, you can apply a simple reliable technique to establish and classify the colour of natural waters. The color of the water body is compared to the Modern Forel-Ule scale colour palette. The result is a color indexfor the water body as we see it and thus helps to classify gross biological activity.

The color graduations correspond to open sea and lake water colors, as they appear to an observer ashore or on board a vessel. The method is used in conjunction with the Secchi disk submersed to half the Secchi depth